We are back: different name, same group :)

  1. AmySafeunderdark
    Due to the Guild creation issues, the guild is named "Amy" Guild Tag "AMYs1"
    Don't be fooled by that, it still is Amy's Friends , it only cam out this way because it didn't want to stick using May's Friends

    But we are back, and having 31 members already, than you all for rejoining or joining if you are a new member

    It gives me great pleasure to welcome you all, it seems we are doing something good, so people want to return

    Also a BIG thank you to my very good friends and staff members of "Amy's friends", who without I can't do this:
    (In alphabetic order)


    If you have any questions and I'm not in, ask them if they are available.
    Just ask, we are here to help..

    Thank you so much for visiting.

    Love to all,
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