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    Grunschnabel3, level47, Firefox 89.0.2,...

    Grunschnabel3, level47, Firefox 89.0.2, 03.07.2021 18:00 CEST
    also the camera controls didn't work. If I click on move right,left, up or down and all the other controls, nothing happens.
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    ★ Lover's statue [23940]

    I produced some buffs with the lovers statue. and found them in the starmenue-tab 'Misc'. I guess they should be in the Buff-Tab.
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    New Clients on Linux

    I installed the new 64bit Client (1.0.0) on my Ubuntu 20.8 (buster) system, with Firefox, and Playonlinux(Wine) as described in the german Forum. created a TSO_Client.desktop file (also discovered in...
  4. The explanation is given on the life-servers:

    The explanation is given on the life-servers:
  5. [Event] Grunschabel3 lvl80 04.12.2020 13.00 My Snowy...

    Grunschabel3 lvl80 04.12.2020 13.00
    My Snowy Explorere found on prolonged Treasuresearch 2 normal slots and 4 event slots
  6. ★ [Christmas Archievements] Christmas Concerts don't recognize all songs [23884]

    Grunschabel3, lvl 80, downloadable client.
    Steps to reproduce the bug:

    select the concerthall,
    chose the song "Dsching the bells" (the first of three)
    recognize you can hear the song and...
  7. Ali Baba and the third thief (collective thread)

    If you want to kill the second Leader camp of the first sector, you would be intercepted by a wildlife cave. so you can't free the first sector without the wildlife zone. This causes a very long way...
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