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    Code of Conduct for Forum/Chat/Game

    The moderators and administrators on the Settlers Online (TSO) forums can gather the relevant data which, if necessary, can be used to identify any users responsible for infringing any of the rules. Access to and use of The Settlers Online forum can in no way be demanded, insisted upon or forced in any way. The forum administration reserves the right to withdraw the privilege of using the site from certain users either temporarily or permanently, without stating the reasons and with no prior warning.

    We do not wish to see any insults, abuse or similar conduct on these forums and any disregard of this rule will entail a warning or exclusion by the administration or moderators.

    Any insults directed at the moderators will not be tolerated. Moderators contribute to this forum voluntarily and can do without abuse from users. The administrators and moderators on this forum will take immediate and appropriate action against any violation.

    Bad/Sick jokes in global chanels
    Players who say bad or "sick" jokes in the global channels can be banned for a short period of time. The ban and length of ban will be the Moderator's decision: be careful of what you say! What you may see as a joke can hurt other people.
    These can include jokes about racism, specific political subjects, illnesses, mature subjects etc.

    Complaining about moderation
    We will not accept any complaining about the moderation, the moderators or the rules on the public channels and any such behaviour will result in an ban!
    If you wish to report abusive moderating please send a personal message on the forum to one BB Administrator or a Moderator.
    Remember to stay objective and constructive in your messages. Rude or insulting languages to or about any of the TSO team will only result in your message NOT getting an answer.

    Spamming / Flooding

    The creation of spam and/or flooding posts is not permitted and may, depending on the circumstances, result in a 24-hour ban and even exclusion from the service (game/chat room/forum).

    Use of capitals/Caps-locks

    Excessive use of capitals or caps-locks can result in a short to long term ban. Length of the ban will be decided by the MODs present and is not up to debate.
    Common expressions or abbreviations usually written in capital letters are of course allowed as long as the player does not abuse of them.


    The Settlers Online players take to trading like ducks to water and, to offer the best possible support to players who want to pursue this activity, Blue Byte has also integrated a system into the game which players can use to trade with other players. However, to enable trade to be carried out in an orderly manner and without encroaching on the game enjoyment of others, trade should be transacted exclusively using this function, the message system or whispering, and not in one of the other chat rooms.

    Please note:
    Questions on or conversations about trading that take place in another chat room may annoy other players and, depending on the situation, the moderators may be prompted to issue warnings. Failure to comply with such warnings could result in a temporary or permanent exclusion from the chat.


    The public denouncement of cheating is not permitted. If you suspect a particular account belongs to a cheat, you should forward this information directly to the moderators and administrators. Cheats should only be reported to the Support team.

    Any discussion or circulation of exploits or cheats is not permitted here, and may lead to exclusion from the service. Cheats and exploits should only be reported to the Support team.


    Having multiple accounts is a serious offence in The Settlers Online as it gives one player a distinct advantage over the others. The TSO team therefore monitors account creation and bans players using this as a cheat/exploit.

    Competitions in the chat room or forum

    Competitions of any kind must be always approved by the administrators to avoid any potential malpractice or unfair gain at the cost of other players.

    In general: Participation in any competitions that have not been organized by Ubisoft/Blue Byte is at the player’s own risk. Any claims for damages must be directed to the organizers of such competitions.

    Silence on the part of the administrators and/or moderators must not be assumed as consent. The administration reserves the right to remove threads that invite players to participate in unauthorized competitions either directly or indirectly, or which could encourage players to take part in such. The member responsible will be notified of such removal by private message.

    Software piracy, illegal software

    Any requests, promotion, advertising or linking of content protected by copyright for illegal purposes is strictly forbidden. The linking, naming or discussing of crackers, cracker crews and/or download networks is also prohibited. These rules also apply to leaks and other Internet software obtained illegally.

    Discussions about the consequences of a leak are permitted, depending on the circumstances.

    Illegal activities

    Any invitation to carry out, or planning or execution of any activity which, in accordance with prevailing law, could be categorized as unlawful or illegal is strictly forbidden within the discussion forums, in-game message system and chats, and may be immediately stopped by the moderators or administration at any time without prior notice.

    We also reserve the right to instigate legal action, particularly if the physical integrity of an individual is threatened.

    Petitions and calls for a boycott

    Any reference or invitations to petitions and boycotts will be stopped, depending on the type and situation, and may result in a warning or a final expulsion without prior notice.

    Lack of reference to the theme

    Should a discussion stray too far from the actual theme of the forum, it may be either moved, edited, closed or deleted in its entirety without prior notice.

    Racism and malicious incitement

    We accept no malicious incitement, racism or political propaganda, so kindly find another forum on which to conduct this kind of discussion. We will take immediate and appropriate action against any violation of this rule! We reserve the right to delete/remove or edit any posts that invoke racial hatred and malicious incitement and also to prosecute for such entries. The same applies to usernames (nicknames) or Guild identifiers that relate to such and/or otherwise breach prevailing legislation.

    Pornography and eroticism

    Any links, advertisements and images relating to erotic content or content that is unsuitable for minors will not be tolerated. This also applies to usernames (nicknames) that contain or describe pornographic elements or elements that are unsuitable for minors.


    Discrimination against minorities or physically or mentally disabled persons or socially disadvantaged groups or others will not be tolerated here, and will be immediately penalized.

    Data protection

    Please send any questions on the subject of data protection direct to our head office, and do not discuss them in the forum. Such threads will be immediately closed or deleted. Please contact Blue Byte GmbH, Adlerstraße 74, 40211 Düsseldorf, Germany for issues relating to data protection.

    Profiles, signatures and avatars

    We will react immediately to any violations of the rules in the user profile or user signature. The administration and moderators will decide when a signature is no longer acceptable, and the relevant users will be instantly notified and will be asked to take immediate and appropriate action. However, the administration and moderators also reserve the right to shorten and amend profiles without prior notice.

    In general:The signature graphics may not exceed a maximum file size of 100 kB, and a signature must not exceed a total size of approx. 500x150 pixels (including all images and text). Your avatar can be no larger than 80 pixels by 80 pixels. Any avatars that are uploaded may not exceed 20 kB.

    Company-related or protected nicknames

    Only employees of Ubisoft and Blue Byte may use an "Ubi_" or "BB_" abbreviation in front of their usernames. If this appears in the names of “normal” users, the account may be immediately deleted/renamed to avoid any confusion with official employees or moderators.

    We reserve the right to exclude usernames from the chat, either temporarily or permanently which, owing to their naming or spelling, could be mistaken for official Blue Byte or Ubisoft employees or members of the moderator team, insofar as no change of username is carried out in compliance with the rules of conduct by the relevant users. Furthermore, the conscious use of a guild name that could give the impression to the relevant guild members that they are dealing with official representatives of Ubisoft or Blue Byte or their moderators/administrators, is not permitted.

    Moreover, we reserve the right to the exclusive use of Ubisoft or Blue Byte logos in our avatars to identify our colleagues as potential contacts. Players who use a similar avatar without having an official role at Blue Byte or Ubisoft may, depending on the circumstances, lead to a ban or to permanent deletion of the avatar, and may result in legal action. The use of legally protected company or brand names and institutions is prohibited.

    Individual cases that are not covered and the decision-making authority

    The administration will make a decision based on the available facts for individual cases that are not covered by the rules set out in this notice. In all cases, the ultimate decision-making authority shall rest with the administrators and moderators.

    Rules for minors

    Minors require the consent of their parents or guardians to:

    1. Take part in competitions
    2. Be contacted by email
    3. Register on the site
    4. Create any entries, posts or comments.

    The administration reserves the right to amend and add to these rules. We would also ask you not to challenge or test our tolerance levels. Moderators and administrators reserve the right to modify the official forums and/or chat rooms at any time at their discretion and without prior notice.
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