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Thread: How-to report a bug

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    How-to report a bug

    Dear Community,

    in this section we kindly ask you to use a template for your bug-report.

    Its usage will be of great help for our staff. It will help them to be able to reproduce the bugs as well as this information provides them a better understanding of the situation. It helps them also to determine if it is or not a bug.

    Please, copy for each bug report the following and fill in the required information:


    • Nick
    • Your timezone (and country):
    • Date when it happened:
    • Hour when it occurred:
    • Your player level:
    • Which browser do you use (i.e. Firefox, Internet Explorer...)?
    • What version is your browser?
    • What Flashplayer version do you use?
    • Which Extensions/Addons do you use?
    • Did you try to delete the cache and cookies?
    • Did you relog (log in again)?

    1. Please describe all steps you took until the bug happened or how the bug could be reproduced.
    2. Describe only 1 bug per post. Don't mix up issues!
    3. Does this bug only happened once, or does is occur every time you do this action?
    4. If possible: Add a screenshot or the link to it here:

    Reports have to be written in English, please.

    Thank you in advance for your help!
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