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Thread: how about sending a general to school?

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    how about sending a general to school?

    I like the idea of the school.
    What i would like to see is to be able to send my geologist, explorer and general to school so they can "level up"
    That would negate the need to buy them from the black market?

    I don't understand what the school does to nomal settlers?
    it takes two hours to deliver them, instead of 15 min's for the game?
    What is special about them?

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    Well, at least the general needs no school. It's a general, not a rookie.

    Just imagine that the settlers get taught in sex education so that the population will grow with additional 12 settlers per day.
    And if you are able to achieve the max. of 3 schools, you'll get a plus of 36 settlers each day.

    That means you will "produce" 132 settlers instead of 96. Not too bad, isn't it ?

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