1. Buff Lists - player configurable buff management system to reduce the lag, encourage friendship and open an extra avenue of revenue for BB
2. 0-to-max slider configurable scales for both barracks and provisions house. (Incidentally I do not believe BB_Slash's response of "I see your point but I doubt that it can or will be done in the near future.". It obviously can be done, would not take too much time, just has the repercussion that less people might spend gems to instant-complete an order when those gems are calculated based on the number left to train (50 gems for 25 recruits maybe ok, you'd think for longer when asked for 2000 gems to instant 1000 recruits though). The underlying math is easy, they managed it for the trade system, the only realistic reason for not being as sensible with barracks and prov house is their income.)
3. Fix escalating costs of books. Having the cost increase for stored/unspent books was clever, the current system isn't though. (Personally I'm thinking the Explorer Skill tree is one to skip here; saving my live server books and hoping something better comes along for home island or military)
4. More transparency - telling people that there is 5% chance of getting 100 beanstalks from Betrayed is a lot lot better than having players having to run their own group statistics to start guessing at that. (ummm yeah I was kind of referencing the moving goalposts of the last international event (which saw a lot of payer-players leave)).
5. Facility on the sub-servers (the non German ones that might not have the ear of BB close at hand) for players to occasionally vote for a suggestion that is 'transparently' forwarded to BB for consideration and then, hopefully, a response to that suggestion returned right from the development team.