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Thread: Halloween test done already?

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    Halloween test done already?

    I couldn't log in this morning because the server was offline. I was hoping that the issue with the fish/meat/ore deposits was being seen to (and, apparently, it was). :-)

    However, this evening when I logged in, there's no Halloween music, no Golem, no zombies, no pumpkin the Halloween test over already? :-( I was just nicely getting into it really well.

    I can't seem to find any info anywhere saying yes or no...can anyone else? If so, please let me know! :-)

    Thank you.

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    Aug 2013
    Loadtest on Wednesday 12:00-18:00
    Dear settlers,
    Besides new features the Halloween event introduces some technical changes.
    Please help us to perform a load test. You have the chance to get rewards for your live account if the test goals are met (server limit for 20 mins).
    Test server load test facts:ROOOAAAAAARRRR!
    Date: Wednesday, 18th of September
    Time: approx. 12:00 - 18:00 CEST
    The Halloween event is turned off until the start!
    Rewards: Will be sent on Friday
    Activity tasks on test server:
    Play the Halloween event intesively
    Activate premium account (it's free, give it a try)
    Play adventures
    Defeat the Golem
    Cause traffic by being very active.
    If the server is too crowded and you cannot log in, don't worry,
    this means the community is about to reach the goal.

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