Hi everyone! Here is my 5 cents.
First of all: my English not good - but I try :-)
1. New units highlighting (pop-up with units in General, camp etc) - very good idea!
2. New General "sending" system (when we can select several Gens and send to Adventure at once) - perfect!
3. New units - for what?!?! If you want to have a types (melee, cavalery etc) - we already have it!. If you want to have more types of initiatives - just replace "slow" to "1", "normal" -> "2" and add a few more to existing units. And also add "attack bonus" to existing units. Just one exception: units for "blocking" (about it see below)
4. New combat system - interesting. Of cause you should tune it to make it more real-time. But I think it could cheer up all game-play
5. New blocking system - not bad. I think a lot of players became lazy 'cuz they can "lock" four camps without any looses. With a new blocking system we start to lose a few units on each camp and it's good idea to bring to blocking some value :-) And here you thought out good thing - Units for Blocking! But! Create new type of Barack & Armory - it's surplus. Do Heavy Cavalry, remove Long Bowmen (it's a ballast) & do Heavy Bowmen, add one more melee (for example Strong Infantryman) - voila! - refine the existent machinery.
6. Expeditions - excellent! But time to find should be more longer than finding Adventures.
And my thoughts about Expeditions / PvP:
- at Colony leave all like at Adventure. But it should be hard... very hard adventure (like Tailor adventures). After player win all combats & clear all Colony, he can start mining some rare resources (Granite, redwood etc). And when I said "mining" - I meant Mining! With mines, cutters and so on.
- next point is Expedition / Colony level. 10 levels is enough. Players with level 30-35 can find colony 1-2 level and so on depend on player level. And one more important thing: player 50 level can not find & attack Colony lower then 10 level
- according to Colony level we have level / amount of mines / trees for mining.
- every Colony should have Landing Zone. At the frontier of this Zone Colony Owner can build couple Towers (and nobody can get in Colony without battle). Owner can send units to defend Colony and place it into Towers (capacity of towers will depend on Colony level imho)
- next step: for example, my explorer found new Colony, after that I can not see the Island - I just can send my Army (amount of units depend on Colony level - as usual :-)). I think player can send just one Battle General (and few of non-battle).
- time to reach Colony should be about 8 hours , Owner get a message right away (Alarm!). If Owner is off-line I will fight only with Towers, on the other hand (if Owner online), Owner can also send one battle General for defence. After I'm on Island I have just 1 hour for seizure.
- important thing: Owner & Assailant always "landing" at the same place (Owner at his own place & Assailant - at his own - but always constant/steady)
- after that I (as Assailant) should defeat Towers and (if Owner offline) I become Owner. If Owner online (& he send units) our Armies has auto-battle (according to type of our Generals: Major / Veteran etc). Don't forget about amount limits - players can't send armies again and again it will be just one battle.
- searching for Colony should be random - there is no place for revenge. And hi-level players has no possibilities to attack low-level players.
- and most important thing: we (players) should "Want" to research, fighting, protecting our Colonies and we will if Colonies will generate income / profit. And I don't talk about 50 Granite per 6 hours :-) And limits for week - bad idea.

It was just my thoughts.