i just have had a look at the scenario achievements. The loots for the four regular scenarios are not very huge. For the resource collecting achievements the experience or the star coins are only counting. These would be between 7 and 81 star counts. For finishing the 1,000,000 resources achievement you need to play 12,345 to 142,857 scenarios without premium-account. I guess this is a not reasonable number. I guess this numbers are not planned that high, because experience points also counts and will be 100 times more than star points, which would lead to a number of 123 to 143 scenarios needed.

I would suggest including the filler into this counting. So the 400 copper filler counts as 400 resources and the 250 marble filler as 250 resources. This would increase the amount of resources to round about 700 per scenario and decrease the needed scenarios to a 1400 without premium-account and 950 with premium-account which are much more reasonable, but still quite high numbers.

Or could you make the star coins multiplied with 100 for the achievement counting? So everybody receive only 7-81 star coins, but get the value for experience points for the achievements?