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Thread: pvp-Ranking "Efficiency"

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    pvp-Ranking "Efficiency"

    Currently efficiency seems to be the ratio of defeated units divided by lost units. But only for those camps that were attacked directly (otherwise the efficiency-numbers would be higher).

    In my opinion the units from other camps in the same sector should also count for this statistic, when their sector boss is defeated! (like in classic adventures, where you get XP for all units in a sector, when you defeat the sector boss)

    The main reason for this is blocking – which (unlike for adventures) is supported & promoted by BB for expeditions!
    Using Blocks you can clear a whole sector with little losses –> very efficient! But the current statistic does not regard this as efficient. Heavy blocking-units all die but, kill little to none enemies. But they make it possible to attack the sector-boss directly, which overall saves the loss of many units. –> using blocks you have higher losses at the camps which you attack directly, but far less overall losses.

    The same goes for all other tactics (intelligent positioning, order of attacks, etc.) that make it possible to defeat a sector boss with less losses.

    The ranking should reward an overall efficient play!
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    Why I dont really care much about expeditions I fully support that.

    Also I love a good laugh once in a while and BB designers seem to never fail to deliver.

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