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Thread: Change Log 26/04/2018

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    Change Log 26/04/2018

    This update adds several improvements to the current game version!

    26th April 2018

    • Enemy Camp Healthbars: Enemy Camps are now represented by a new bigger health bar to indicate the hitpoints remaining!
    • New UI Improvements: Various UI elements have been improved upon to make player interaction easier:

    • The size of the Trade Office/Sell and Star Menu windows have been increased to show more items and improve usability.
    • All timed production windows (e.g. Barracks, Provision House...) now allow text input when choosing amounts.
    • Automatically input the maximum affordable amount of recruits in the Barracks by default, and set the window focus to the input for the number of entries.
    • "Select/Deselect all filters" has been added to both the Trade Office and Sell Window to improve usability.
    • Buff amounts are updated instantly when applying buffs multiple times in quick succession.
    • It now shouldn't be possible to input "0" as a quantity of any production or buff input.
    • The "Apply Buff" panel should now hide automatically when there is no more buff quantity left.
    • The Combat Preview persistent after applying to a camp so players can see the previews on multiple camps without having to select troops again.
    • Fix scrolling behaviour across all UI windows to be more accurate and consistent.
    • You can now use the "ENTER" key to confirm trades and buffs.
    • You can now use the "ESC" key to exit UI windows and navigate back within sub-panels.
    • Remember the last buff amount if the same buff window is opened to cover the common case where a player wants to split resources evenly between deposits.
    • The window should now focus on the text input when opening the trade window and apply buff panel.

    For testing purposes, any new content will be added to the in-game merchant.
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