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Thread: TSO Swift Simulator

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    Aug 2012
    ty for a great simulator, i have used it many times, but after i tried to sim MCC with weather station, i only get a pop up window everytime i try open the application.

    with the following error:
    System.NullReferenceException: Objektreferencen er ikke indstillet til en forekomst af et objekt.
    ved TSOS.frmSimulaattori.NäytäOhjemerkit(Boolean näytä) i F:\TSO\TSOSim\frmSimulaattori.cs:linje 7459
    ved TSOS.frmSimulaattori.tabit_SelectedIndexChanged(Ob ject sender, EventArgs e) i F:\TSO\TSOSim\frmSimulaattori.cs:linje 4000
    ved TSOS.frmSimulaattori.ddlKartat_SelectedIndexChange d(Object sender, EventArgs e) i F:\TSO\TSOSim\frmSimulaattori.cs:linje 815
    ved System.Windows.Forms.ComboBox.OnSelectedIndexChang ed(EventArgs e)
    ved System.Windows.Forms.ComboBox.set_SelectedIndex(In t32 value)
    ved TSOS.KuvaComboBox.Valitse(String arvo, Boolean piilovalinta, Boolean valitseMyösTyhjä) i F:\TSO\TSOSim\KuvaComboBox.cs:linje 63
    ved TSOS.frmSimulaattori..ctor() i F:\TSO\TSOSim\frmSimulaattori.cs:linje 304
    ved TSOS.Program.Main() i F:\TSO\TSOSim\Program.cs:linje 25

    i did try download it again, worked fine untill i copied the asetukset folder i got the same error again. Anything i can do besides starting all over with adding gens and make new guides?
    Im using version 2,11
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    Aug 2015
    Great job, i have recently discovered this sim and i love it.
    I am a software developer and want to contribute to this project, can i have a look it the code? Is there some kind of repository with your code?
    Hopefully i can be of some assistance for you.

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    Oct 2019
    after your update, ghost is winning where she wasn't before. happy days, tyvm

    is there an easy way to get a dark themed version of it? or maybe just for the play-through version

    thanks a lot

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