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Thread: [Change Log] 20/07/18

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    [Change Log] 20/07/18

    For testing purposes, a progression wipe has been executed for this update. Due to the nature of the content we wish to test, a full island wipe has also been conducted. You can find items in the "Test Environment" category of the in-game shop in order to boost your level and resources.

    20th July 2018

    • Anniversary Event: Celebrate the 25th anniversary of "The Settlers" franchise with this special event!
    • Island Expansion: Four new islands are now available to be claimed with island deeds. More building space!

    • Buffs: The "Hearty Soup" buff in the Mountain Clan adventures will now recover the correct amount of units.
    • Shop: Adjusted the limitation of the Lucky Explorer in the Black Market.
    • Specialists: The traits of Specialists will now be reflected on the affected skills.
    • UI: The chat cursor will no longer disappear unintentionally.

    For testing purposes, any new content will be added to the in-game merchant.
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