26th July 2018

  • Adventure: Fixed a path that was still blocked after removing an obstacle in the "A Giant Battle" Mountain Clan Campaign Adventure.
  • Adventure: Fixed an issue on some Mountain Clan Campaign Adventures where buffs did not work properly.
  • Balance: Changes have been made to the Balloon conversion in the Festival Hall
  • Buffs: The "Third Eye" buff can no longer be used on deposits.
  • Buffs: Applying a "Retro Skin" buff after removing one with the "Third Eye" buff from the same building will no longer result in a locked zone.
  • Island: Fixed a wrong sector spot in the new Island Expansion that led to a wrong discovery order.
  • General: The "Festival Hall" can no longer be deleted.
  • UI: The icon for Candles has been adjusted.
  • UI: New icons have been implemented for the "Scouting Post" buffs.
  • UI: Tutorial highlights will no longer blink too fast.

For testing purposes, any new content will be added to the in-game merchant.