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Thread: Change Log 25/10/2018

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    Change Log 25/10/2018


    25th October 2018

    • Adventure: Boss camp in the new XMAS adventure “Winter Wonderland revisited” is now attackable.
    • Balance: Versed geologist improved to 50% faster, bigger deposits, chance to find additional deposit.
    • Balance: Adjustments to the Christmas market.
    • Ingame Shop: Added Gift Christmas tree into the test environment shop category.
    • Ingame Shop: Added Candid explorer to the Xmas shop category.
    • Ingame Shop: Added Recipe: Paper Recycling to the Xmas shop category.
    • Ingame Shop: Added endless coal mine to the shop.
    • Text: Several Loca and icon fixes.
    • Quest: New Quest chains for 36-50 are not displayed twice in the quest book anymore.

    For testing purposes, any new content will be added to the in-game merchant.
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