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Thread: Changelog 09.01.2019

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    Changelog 09.01.2019

    The new Valentines Event and several other improvements.

    9th January 2019

    • Valentines Event: Take a first look at the new Valentines Event!
      - Grab a few friends and try out the event mechanics together - cooperation will be key to getting everything out of the event.
      - Take a look at the stars in the new Observatory, create the perfect conditions for your next adventures with the Weather Station or take a walk in the Love Garden.

    • Buildings: All Barracks now show the correct production time when they are influenced by a boot camp and buff(s) at the same time.
    • Expeditions: Expeditions now display the correct time in the Expedition Details window.
    • UI: Adjusted the Economy Overview window, so that the detail view close button cannot be blocked by large stock numbers anymore.

    Leave your feedback on this update in our dedicated thread!

    A progression wipe has been executed for this update. Due to the nature of the content we wish to test, a full island wipe has also been conducted. You can find items in the "Test Environment" category of the in-game shop in order to boost your level and resources.

    For testing purposes, any new content will be added to the in-game merchant.
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