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Thread: Valentine Vegatation

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    Valentine Vegatation

    can be built on buildings. In general, the Valentine Decorations behave unusually, can be built on roads and outside the usual grid.

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    it is unusual, but I do not think that it is a bug.
    I'd tend to say that they did it intentionally, like some challenge for the player's creativity ;-)
    All valentine decorations work like benches or lanterns, NOT like the flowerbeds!
    a b
    c d
    If this is a regular 2x2 field (c d being the frontside of a regular building), a lantern/bench is positioned on b, while a flowerbed lies on c. both need the same 2x2 field ( you can see this when you build or replace them). For example you can build a lantern on a flowerbed because their 2x2 base-fields do not lie on each other. the lantern's b-corner lies on the flowered's c-corner - therefore it looks like the latter/bench is on the flowerbed while actually the flowered's 2x2-basefield lies right above the lanterns one.
    It is a bit more complicated then that, but this helps explaining.
    Each Valentine decoration works the same, is bounded on b but the difference is that is is positioned on c - somehow like the cherry tree or the snowed-trees from the mountain clan, which need b too but are positioned rather in the middle.
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