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Thread: Changelog 17.01.2019

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    Changelog 17.01.2019

    Several fixes and improvements for the Valentines Event.

    17th January 2019

    • Endless Goldmine: The Endless Goldmine was added to the architect section of the ingame merchant.
    • Christmas Market Skin: A skin for the Christmas Market was added to the decorations section of the ingame merchant.

    • Adventures: In the adventure The Besieged City, battle buffs can now be applied to the oriental palace.
    • Buildings: The duplicate bonus for multiple Observatories works now.
    • Buildings: Skipping the cooldown in the Observatory now costs the correct amount of gems.
    • Buildings: The Heart Tree now has the correct size.
    • Buildings: Implemented the final graphics for the Valentine Pavillon.
    • Buildings: Fixed an issue that caused a locked zone when a buff was produced in the Observatory.
    • Shop: Level limitations have been implemented into the valentines shop.
    • Shop: Item amount limitations have been implemented into the valentines shop.
    • Text: Additional localization has been added.

    Leave your feedback on the event in our dedicated thread!

    A progression wipe has been executed for this update. Due to the nature of the content we wish to test, a full island wipe has also been conducted. You will start with a prebuilt island and you can find items in the "Test Environment" category of the in-game shop in order to boost your level and resources. You will also find an ingame message that will boost your level and provide you with some items.

    For testing purposes, any new content will be added to the in-game merchant.
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