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Thread: Observatory: Travel time still not affected

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    Observatory: Travel time still not affected

    The travel time displayed in the adventure via the star menue and the real (= measured) travel time are both unaffected by the buffs.

    Tested with "detailed star Chart" and "At the Foot of the Mountain", and MMA with "Navigation Crash Course" level 3.

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    Tested with:

    Normal Star Chart, Anslem (no skills), Thief 3:

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    Tested with:

    Normal General (tavern, no skills), Rough travel Chart, "Invasion of the North":

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    Tested again, changing test conditions:

    Sent a Transporter General and picked up a collectible. After the Transporter arrived, I sent Anslem (no skills). Result: Travel time of Anslem is correctly reduced to 3:45 Min.

    Further test - couldn't find any reason why the zone buff works sometimes and sometimes not.
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    Confirm. The same situation. When send from adventure window working - from general menu - not work.

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