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Thread: Change Log 08.03.2019

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    Change Log 08.03.2019

    Gift Christmas Tree rework, Endless Iron Mine, Scouting Post & Meadhall cooldown reduction and a Black Knight invasion.

    8th March 2019

    • Event: The Black Knights have returned! They are not as colorless as during their last visit, but still a threat that needs to be defeated!
    • Shop: The Endless Iron Mine is now available in the shop.

    • Buildings: The mechanic for the Gift Christmas Tree was reworked. Now you receive a package in your star menu that you can open to see your gift.
    • Buildings: The cooldown for the Scouting Post and the Meadhall was reduced.
    • Text: Several localisation adjustments.

    For testing purposes, any new content will be added to the in-game merchant.
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