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Thread: Change Log 28.05.2019

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    Change Log 28.05.2019

    Improvements for file loading and fog mechanic and adjustments to the Summer Event.

    28th of May 2019

    • Added star chart recipes for the observatory to the merchant (black market)

    • Improved file packaging to help with long loading times
    • Adjusted the graphics of the storage tower (football removed)
    • Removed footballs from the storage tower upgrade costs
    • Added bandit nest to the seasonal adventures
    • Implemented a new fix for the fog for "a giant battle"


    As communicated yesterday in the Community Update 27/05/2019, our development efforts are currently focused on improving the long loading times (1), as well as the Mountain Clan Campaign fog issue (2).

    Please find the most recent update regarding both topics below:

    Long loading times
    Current situation
    We are still struggling to find THE root cause of the long loading times that some of you are experiencing. However, we have some ideas on how to improve the overall situation, and we are actively investigating them. As a first step, we plan to adjust the way the game is packing the files. As some of you noticed, certain files required to start the game are exceeding 50 MB size, and we believe some browsers might have difficulties handling files that big.

    Next steps?
    To address that topic, and hopefully prevent the game being stuck at loading, we decided to introduce a maximum size limit for individual files. The version with this change was deployed on today.

    Additional note
    From what we keep hearing from the community, some of the "long loading times" problems can be resolved by switching to other browsers.

    Mountain Clan Campaign Venture #5 (fog issue)
    Current situation
    We believe we have identified the root cause that is triggering this problem. In some cases, the values assigned to certain hidden fields connected to Venture #5 (those fields are not visible from the players' point of view) were not updated correctly. This caused some Venture #5-related settings to do not match the acceptable value ranges (i.e. the ranges the game was expecting), which resulted in the fog issue.

    Next steps?
    We adjusted the way the game handles "out of range" values for this specific case, and added a few checkpoints to hopefully prevent this problem completely. The version with this change was deployed on today.

    Kind regards,
    Your "The Settlers Online" Team
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