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Thread: Memory leaks

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    Memory leaks

    TSO always had a problem with memory leaks, but after last update we have a flood:

    fresh start:

    after 2 hours casual activity (sending explorers, geologists etc):

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    I saw once flash plugin ate 4GB+ when the game was on for the night (there were no other tabs with flash applications).

    I think memory leaks happens every time a freeze+rollback occurs.
    A rollback happens when the server sees problems during client synchronization.
    Problems occur due to some errors (buffs, spawning collections, overlapping the landing zones of generals, etc.).
    I also think the number of errors increases with a high load on the server (during events the game freezes occurs much more often).
    However, now the errors are continuously generated by friend premium buff (provision house, barracks) and rollback occurs every few minutes, so memory leaks are now much easier to detect.

    In fact, there are other memory leaks in the game. For example, when i do scenarios and go back and forth many times between the islands i have to refresh the game every hour to stay fast. But synchronization leaks now make up the bulk.
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