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Thread: Player Level and Exotic cutter and forrester

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    Player Level and Exotic cutter and forrester

    On the achipelago it is not possible to place exotic wood cutter and forrester, even that I am able to place other buildings!
    The other Problem is, that Main Quests are still locked, with the condition to reach level 8 or 9. I am level 66 and the other quest condition is although allready completed.

    Although I would wish Recycling manufactory in the test enviroment shop!

    Using actual Chrome and Windows 8 64bit

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    Those are testserver specific issues, which will not occur on the live servers. The issue with building the exotic forester/woodcutter comes from the prebuilt island, which does not recognize those islands as archipelago islands. The free levels from the startmail on the testserver and the level up items will break some starter quests.

    Those are issues which can not be avoided in a test environment, if you want to create conditions to test new (high level) content.

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