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Thread: [Change Log] 20/02/20

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    [Change Log] 20/02/20

    20th February 2020

    • Level 7 Building Upgrades: Additional buildings can now be upgraded to Level 7 - read the full list below!
    • Duplicate bonus info from buildings such as the Snack Stand will no longer be shown in the Provision Houses when switching between the buildings.
    • The Ghost Ship will now appear properly when the timer ends. The change is working when you next click the Ghost Ship; The Ghost Ship respawn timer has been reduced to 3 days for testing purposes only. The Christmas tree presents will appear correctly as well, after the next round.
    • Currently pending Ghost Lantern quests will not become active if there is no active quest you can complete/cancel. The next quest round will work correctly.

    Upgradable to Level 7
    Improved Watermill
    Improved Warehouse
    Improved Silo
    Deerstalker Hut
    Improved Deerstalker Hut
    Fish Farm
    Improved Farm
    Improved Mill
    Improved Bakery
    Improved Butcher


    For testing purposes, any new content will be added to the in-game merchant.
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