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Thread: New download client

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    New download client

    Dear Settlers,

    You might have found a new download button on the webpage.
    This is the start of the very early test version of our "download client" for the time without flash.
    So far this client is 45.3 MB big, it could increase in size but not much.

    1. log in to the Page like you normally do.

    You can download the client here:

    2. Start the Download (it will be added to your %AppRoaming Folder)

    3. You can now click on the downloaded file in your browser to start the installation process

    4. A warning popup might appear, depending on your security system. The attached warning reads as followed:
    This pc was secured by windows. You can ignore it.

    5. Click on "more information" to open a new panel

    6. Then click on "start anyway" at the bottom

    Other "warning popup's" could look like this:

    7. Once the client is installed, go back to the pre-staging page ( & click on the big blue "Play button".
    Note: If you can't click the "Play Button" and get a tsorc error popup, please first clear your browser cache
    Optional Note: With some browsers, the "Play" Button can't be clicked, please right click on the button and copy the link address. Paste this link into the address bar and change at the very beginning the tsotc1 to tsorc and press enter.

    8. A popup appears and you need to allow the connection to the link

    9. Now it is mostly done, you will see the client loading on the webpage. Do not worry about the popup of Harman, this is just on what the client will run on (HARMAN of Samsung Company). You can read more about this here. Harman created a Support Program for Adobe® Flash® Player and is an official partner.

    10. You successfully loaded the game!

    If you can't start the game even if you followed this guide. Please also see the following notes:

    1. Do not download the client as an administrator (as you can't start the client as an admin)
    2. Do not change the folder that is noted in the installation part. If you "just" install it, it works. If you change it, it could happen that it will not work.
    3. If with point 8. no popup appears, it could be that you're not logged in correctly. Please click on "News" on the tso testing webpage and then log in to your account. The connection can only be used/set up, if you have the client and if you're logged on.
    4. The Facebook Login may not be working for this version of the test server. If you want to test out the new client and more anyway, please create a Ubisoft Account.

    All reported issues will, of course, be checked by our developers. Do not forget, this is a very early version.
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